Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chain Sawing

The old church had some trees that they were going to throw away. So we got the trees and took them to our house and started to cut them in to firewood. My dad and I started to chainsaw the wood. He had the 20-inch blade and I had the 12-inch blade. I hated it because the chain was dull, and it was not that powerful.

The next day I asked my dad if he would let me try the big chainsaw, and he said yes. It was hard to control, but I handled it. My dad let me cut a few logs, and this was the first time I cut with the big chainsaw. I liked the big chainsaw a lot better than the little one.

Now we got half the pile done, and we have a little trailer that is pulled by our four-wheeler. We put the wood in the trailer and haul it up to the barn. We stack the wood in the barn so the wood won’t get wet and will stay dry in the winter.

Joshua – Age 10          

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Joseph, the Lawn Mowing Man

I like to mow grass with the lawnmower and have some fun. I like to lawn mow around the trees. Sometimes it runs out of gas. I go get Dad, and we put gas in the lawnmower. Dad starts the lawnmower up for me, and I mow some more. I have some fun. It is hard to push up and easy to push down. I like to lawn mow the orchard and be the “lawn mowing man.”

Joseph – Age 5