Forgiveness Do you ever find it sometimes hard to forgive someone? Why is it so hard to forgive them? God has a perfect love for each one of us. I read a story about a woman who forgave someone that had hurt her very badly. July 12, 2012

Movie Night Every Friday night we watch movies. We usually don’t watch movies on other nights, but sometimes we do. July 11, 2012

Vegetables From the Garden I like Summer and Fall because we get to have fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden. July 10, 2012

Reading Books I love to go down to my bedroom and read a book. Sometimes, for me, reading a book is more fun than watching a movie because I get to imagine how everything looks. July 8, 2012

Daily Jobs During the summer we each get a job that we call daily jobs.  I am glad my mom and dad teach us how to work so that when we go out on our own we will know how to take care of ourselves. July 7, 2012

Emily’s Etiquette Dinner In May, Emily decided to make an etiquette dinner for her final in cooking. We got out the china and crystal and set the table very nicely. July 5, 2012

Swimming in the Canal We enjoy swimming and playing in the canal on hot summer days. We like jumping off the edges of the canal. It is usually cold, so we need to get used to it. July 4, 2012

Getting Trees From the Old Church A little while ago we were able to get some of the pine trees from the old church. We cut down the trees and loaded them up. We also got to play in the trees. We got a video of the tree falling.  July 2, 2012

Girls camp 2012 This past week I got to go to girls camp. The theme this year is happily ever after. July 1, 2012

Do We Really Need to Know God in This Lifetime? God tells all of us to come unto him. He tells us that if we do, we will be saved. I also believe that God will come to us in His timing. He will not come to us until we are ready. I believe we should do every thing in our power to come unto Him. If we procrastinate the day of our repentance until we die, then it will be too late. May 11, 2012

Who should we praise? I believe we should praise God and not any other man or woman, even if they are a prophet or angel. True angels and prophets of God will tell you not to praise them and give all the praise to God. May 8, 2012

Who Does God Tell Us to Follow? Have you ever been told to follow a certain man or woman? What does God say about following someone? We will be cursed if we put our trust in any man or make a man our power. If we put our trust in a man, our soul is in jeopardy. We can also get many truths from people, but before we put to action something, we need to get a confirmation from God for ourselves. May 5, 2012

What Does God Sound Like? I have had many experiences that have helped me understand what God sounds like. From my experience, God makes me feel joyful and happy to do his will. April 24, 2012

Rachel’s Apartment and House Plans One of the things I have enjoyed doing over the past few months is drawing house plans. I like trying out different shapes and sizes of houses. I also like drawing apartments. April 20, 2012

Can God and Angels Visit Us? Do you ever wonder if it is possible to see and visit with God and angels? I believe we can, and it is necessary to see God in this lifetime. God promises us that if we give up our sins, come unto him, call on his name, obey his voice, and keep his commandments, we will see him and know that he is real. April 15, 2012

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