My Framing Experience On my home, I stopped at a new house being built. I started helping. I picked up blocks in the basement and handed him the nail gun, saw, staple gun, and anything else he asked for. It was fun watching him build a house. July 16, 2012

The Sheds I Built With My Brothers We wanted to make sheds. So we started on our first shed. The next day my brother Jared heard about it, and he started to make a shed too. Then, Jonathan wanted to make a shed too so he did a little bit, then I came to nail in all the boards. July 15, 2012

Chain Sawing The old church had some trees that they were going to throw away. So we got the trees and took them to our house and started to cut them in to firewood. The next day I asked my dad if he would let me try the big chainsaw, and he said yes. It was hard to control, but I handled it. June 30, 2012

Emma and Me Emma is my little sister, and she is almost 4 months old. She likes me, and I like her.  You know why she likes me? It’s because I’m her favorite brother. She feels calm and safe with me. Sometimes I lay on the couch and she lies on my tummy and falls asleep. May 20, 2012

Lawn Mowing In the last week, I have been the lawn mower man, mowing all that was needed. May 18, 2012

Skip the Reception. I ‘m Going Golfing! Unbeknownst to us, Joshua decided to leave the reception and check out the golf course.  He went down and noticed that the golf carts weren’t parked in an orderly way.  So, he organized the carts and repositioned them so they were neat and tidy.  He then found a friend who took him golfing.  Here’s what Joshua has to say about his adventure . . .  May 13, 2012

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