Cutting Down Trees at the Old Paradise Church On April 19, 2012 we went to the old Paradise white church, which they were tearing down. They said that we could take the pine trees that were too close to the church. It was a beautiful day in Paradise. It was cool to see the huge pine trees come down and see pinecones go everywhere. We had fun playing in the cut down pine trees. May 27, 2012

An Indian Cinderella Story Their once lived a rich Sioux Indian couple they loved each other very much. The wife’s name was Devalekha, which means Celestial Beauty; she was very sweet and beautiful. Her husband name was Randhir, which meant brave. They had a tepee with fine buffalo skins on it. It was a very lovely decorated tepee. After 5 months being married, Devalekha became pregnant, and after 9 more months, had a beautiful little girl. The baby had the most beautiful eyes any chief or Indian had seen. They named her Naini, which meant a girl with beautiful eyes. May 7, 2012
Spotty the New Kitten About two or three weeks ago, I was going in to the garage to feed the cats and Crystalynne and I heard a squeak. We said to each other that it might be a kitten. May 6, 2012

 We are the Gentiles Many people do not think that they are Gentiles because a lot of bad things are prophesied about the Gentiles.  Some think they are too good to be a Gentile. They want proof showing that they are the Gentiles. April 17, 2012

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