Jonathan 8 Years Old  A few pictures of Jonathan. July 20, 2012

I Want to Repent I was making Indian bracelets with my yarn. Then all of a sudden I didn’t feel too good.  I was thinking about repenting and how I wasn’t following God.  I went to Mom and said “I want to read the scriptures with you.” July 13, 2012

The Skunk and the Chickens One day Dad went out to feed the baby chicks. He went in a saw a whole bunch of dead chicks. He found a live skunk hiding in the back corner. July 6, 2012

Jonathan’s Mice One day I was reading a mouse book. I wanted to make a mouse cage. I went and got a special mousetrap and put food in it. I put it in the barn for a mouse to come.  A day later there were two mice. We got one put in my cage and the other got away. I put the trap in the barn again, and two days later I caught four mice. July 3, 2012

Jonathan’s Jungle Dream Joshua and I were hiking; we found a little Jungle and a pond with a turtle. April 21, 2012

Hiking and Hot Lava Dream When we were almost to the top, lava started to come out of the mountain. We rode down the mountain on metal sleds keeping ahead of the lava. We made it down to the house, and the lava went around the fence of our property. April 12, 2012

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