Taking Pictures of Joseph on a Rainy Day Saturday was an overcast day, so Joseph and I went outside to take a few pictures. It started to rain, and Joseph didn’t like getting wet, so our photo shoot ended early.  July 19, 2012

Joseph, the Lawn Mowing Man I like to mow grass with the lawnmower and have some fun. I like to lawn mow around the trees. Sometimes it runs out of gas. I go get Dad, and we put gas in the lawnmower. Dad starts the lawnmower up for me, and I mow some more. I have some fun. It is hard to push up and easy to push down. I like to lawn mow the orchard and be the “lawn mowing man.” June 28, 2012

Heaven’s Help with the Ants About 5 ants was on Marianne. I grabbed them off of her with my hand. They was big to grab. They are scary. I prayed by myself, and heaven came down. It was a little light when it was coming, and a big light when it got down. April 10, 2012