Thoughts on Editing The Book of Mormon - June 4, 2017

Emma Sits Up In the last couple of weeks Emma has been sitting up.  It is cool to see her grow up.  She enjoys sitting up because she has more freedom to do what she wants. July 14, 2012

The Pure in Heart I think that your heart is your spiritual self. It is the part of you that makes the decisions. It is also the representation of who you are. God can write things on your heart. It is kind of like your communication with heaven. May 15, 2012 

My truck About a month ago I got onto KSL and I was just looking around at trucks and recreational vehicles. I saw a 1989 Ford Ranger that had everything I wanted to be on my vehicle. It was like my dream truck. It has four-wheel drive, its manual, has a lift, perfect size for me, and it just looks good. May 10, 2012

Greed I was pitching some hay to the cows the other day, and I realized how greedy they are. We have a lot of power over the cows because of their greed. . . The same thing applies to us. April 22, 2012

God Has Time For Us I am just one small person. It is amazing that God cares for every person and everything. It would be very difficult to get an appointment with some big important guy.  April 18, 2012
My Work I enjoy working. I get to milk dairy cows as my job. April 11, 2012

Quilting, Part One My sister Rachel has really got into sewing lately. I decided that I wanted to make a blanket too. April 6, 2012

Be Thankful for God’s Love When I looked around and saw all the beautiful things that said spring is coming, it was just another reminder of how great God is. April 3, 2012